FORESIGHT is an initiative of The Rippel Foundation, created in partnership with Blue Shield of California Foundation, and actively supported by forward-thinking national and regional philanthropic partners.

To ensure inclusivity and effectiveness, FORESIGHT’s Phase 1 involves a broad array of leaders who work in two overlapping groups committed to collective thinking and action:

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    those who architect the emergent FORESIGHT process, and

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    those who are committed to engaging with the architects to build a shared body of knowledge regarding the future for health, equitably envision a new system for health and well-being, and take action based on what they learn.

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  • Advisory Committee

    Advisory Committee members contribute advice and guidance to FORESIGHT, and act as champions of the emergent process by providing feedback to the FORESIGHT Implementation Team, testing concepts, reviewing findings, sharing input, accessing networks, and helping to disseminate and communicate key deliverables. The Co-Chairs oversee the progress, budget, and evaluation of FORESIGHT, and make key directional decisions for the initiative.

  • Design Team

    Design Team members work together, contributing their different backgrounds and perspectives, to create a powerful emergent process capable of leading all who are involved to envision and bring about a new future for health and well-being. Their design work includes concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation.

  • FORESIGHT Implementation Team (FIT)

    The FORESIGHT Implementation Team (FIT) contributes process design and consultation, facilitation, project management support, communications leadership, and oversight of the production of key deliverables. Many FIT team members are also part of the Design Team.

  • Philanthropic Partners

    FORESIGHT has two affinity groups—regional philanthropists and regional connectors (such as leaders from a multisector partnership for health)—who will work with the architects in Phase 1 to listen to residents and convene at key inflection points to shape the vision. In Phase 2, architects’ current thinking is that three to four regions (collectively reflecting the diverse makeup of the United States) will co-create their own, localized transition plans, and then engage with FORESIGHT architects to test and evolve the plans, for the benefit of regional leaders who will come after them.

  • Regional Connectors

    Regional connectors are the on-the-ground organizations that serve as FORESIGHT’s link to residents across the country, particularly residents in marginalized communities. Identified by philanthropic partners as trusted organizations I n their respective regions, they serve mainly to connect FORESIGHT with regional residents, ensuring Phase 1 is built around residents’ voices.

The world is changing fast. It’s time we design a future for health together.
Our work begins with FORESIGHT.