Philanthropic Partners

FORESIGHT has two affinity groups—regional philanthropic partners and regional connectors (such as leaders from a multisector partnership for health)—who will work with the architects in Phase 1 to listen to residents and convene at key inflection points to shape common aspirations. In Phase 2, architects’ current thinking is that a handful of regions (collectively reflecting the diverse makeup of the United States) will create their own, localized transition plans, and then engage with FORESIGHT architects to test and evolve the plans, for the benefit of regional leaders who will come after them.

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Alliance Healthcare Foundation
Blue Shield of California Foundation
Connecticut Health Foundation
Endowment  for Health
Episcopal Health Foundation
Kansas Health Foundation
Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
Mat-Su Health Foundation
Minneapolis Foundation
Missouri Foundation for Health
Nemours Children’s Health System
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Seattle Health Foundation
St. David’s Foundation
The Colorado  Health Foundation
The Dorothy Rider Pool Health Care Trust and Lehigh Valley Health Network
The Rippel Foundation
The world is changing fast. It’s time we design a future for health together.
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