FORESIGHT is a three-year project that builds a shared understanding of our interconnected past, present, and futures as the basis for equitably envisioning and bringing about a new future of health and well-being in the United States. In this future, the health and well-being of all people in America is valued and well supported. FORESIGHT sets this future in motion by creating inventive, inclusive spaces for all to share historical experiences alongside their aspirations as they engage in the work of health transformation.

An initiative of The Rippel Foundation, FORESIGHT is created in partnership with Blue Shield of California Foundation, and actively supported by forward-thinking national and regional philanthropic partners. Facing the reality that our current system for health has not (and cannot) put our nation on a trajectory toward a healthier future, the partners see an urgent need to collectively explore alternatives.

FORESIGHT brings together national and regional leaders (including residents) influencing diverse people and organizations in many regions and sectors. In Phase 1, we’ll use powerful and proven futures planning techniques, combined with the voices and insights of regional residents, to build a shared body of knowledge about how demographic, technological, social, and environmental influences have already shaped, and have the potential to shape, the future of health in dramatic ways. Then, we’ll use that shared knowledge to determine the future we aspire to achieve. In Phase 2, our current thinking is that we’ll develop and take the steps we need for regions to effectively transition to a new system for health and well-being—a system that is designed to bring about the new future we envision.

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The world is changing fast. It’s time we design a future for health together.
Our work begins with FORESIGHT.