Implementation Team (FIT)

The FORESIGHT Implementation Team (FIT) contributes process design and consultation, facilitation, project management support, communications leadership, and oversight of the production of key deliverables. Please note that some of the FIT members work full-time on FORESIGHT, and others work part-time.


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Lindsey Alexander

Project Director
The Rippel Foundation
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Sammie Ardito Rivera

Senior Project Director
Marnita’s Table
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Edith Asibey

Asibey Consulting
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Molly Belsky

Program Coordinator
The Rippel Foundation
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Maggie Cooke

Senior Strategic Partnerships Associate
The Rippel Foundation
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Katy Evans Pritchard

Project Manager
The Rippel Foundation
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Kim Farris-Berg

Communications Director
The Rippel Foundation
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Bradley Girard

Senior Creative
The Rippel Foundation
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Olivia Mastry

Principal & Founder
Collective Action Lab
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Amanda McIntosh

Senior Communications Associate
The Rippel Foundation
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Krishna Patel

Program Associate
The Rippel Foundation
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Joy Portella

Minerva Strategies
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Anne Jin Soo Preston

Principal and Founder
Sahng Sahng, LLC
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Marnita Schroedl

Founder & CEO
Marnita’s Table
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Elexis Trinity

Community-based Researcher & Director of Projects
Marnita’s Table
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Lauren Williams

Training & Project Director
Marnita’s Table
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