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We love hearing your questions and ideas, so please reach out! Subscribe here if you’d like to stay in touch and hear about future opportunities to get involved.

Connect with FORESIGHT in 3 ways:

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I want to invite people in my community or organization to share their ideas.

Thank you for your interest in FORESIGHT. We’re glad you’re here and we’re grateful you’re interested in sharing information with your community or organization so they can share their ideas and influence an equitable national vision for the future of health and well-being.

We want to be sure that the vision that FORESIGHT creates reflects the perspectives of a lot of people. That means we need a lot of people to share their ideas with us! You can help us reach more people, and expand the diversity of voices we hear from. Think about your family, friends, faith groups, employees/co-workers, online forums, community groups, book clubs, colleagues, committees, clubs, social media followers, and more.

We encourage you to share information about this opportunity with communities and organizations you are a part of in whatever ways and places you normally share information with them. This could include emails, texts, newsletters, enewsletters, social media, online platforms, organizational meetings, and so on. You can ask them to take the survey themselves and share it with their own communities.

If you have 100 or more people who are likely to take the survey in one of your networks, we’ll provide you a customized report of the findings, provided you give us a heads up so we can give you a custom link. Email us:

To help you get started:

  • Access FORESIGHT’s plug-and-play content kit with customizable emails and social media posts. This content allows you to encourage people you know to take the survey themselves, your partners to promote the survey in their networks, people to engage via a virtual meet up, and more.
  • Explore brief answers to the questions we hear the most, found below. Of course, you’re also welcome to explore our

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FORESIGHT and why should I ask people in my organization or community to add their voices?

FORESIGHT is the first initiative of its kind to equitably design a bold, new future for health—together. Our system for health and well-being is broken and we cannot create better health and well-being for everyone by simply putting bandaids on what exists today. A diversity of voices—including your voice and the voices of people from your community—is needed to shape a truly equitable vision for the future of health and well-being, and ultimately to make that vision a reality in communities across the country.

FORESIGHT invites you to stay involved past the survey. Subscribe here if you’d like to stay in touch and hear about future opportunities. And, of course, you are always welcome to explore our website to learn more.

Why do you want to know what people in my community or organization think about health and well-being?

FORESIGHT wants to learn from all people—people from your community or organization, who are living their lives each day. FORESIGHT believes that those closest to the issues that impact their future should shape the future, and we especially need to hear from people who experience the worst health outcomes.

FORESIGHT includes everyone—regardless of immigration status, if they are experiencing homelessness, geographic location, or other circumstance. You might have heard this part of FORESIGHT’s process be referred to as “resident engagement.” Everyone is a resident of the place they live—whether they own, rent, are experiencing homelessness, or anything in between. We include everyone in our definition of resident and invite everyone to engage in FORESIGHT.

If I want to do more than direct people to the survey on their own, how would I do that?

We welcome your ideas on this! Please connect with us if you have questions.

The best way we currently know of is to ask people to watch the video and take the survey as part of a pre-existing group meeting or work day, or to invite people to a virtual gathering just for this purpose. Either way, decide which group(s) you want to include and customize an invite to (or agenda item for) them using FORESIGHT’s plug-and-play content kit. Then, invite your group.

When they come to the meeting, tell everyone what FORESIGHT is about (see #1 above), watch the video together, and then ask people to exit the gathering and take the survey right away. Alternatively, you could make a video invitation for your group where you do the same. Download FORESIGHT slides to help you. This short slide deck (also available in French, Mandarin, Spanish, and Somali) covers why, what, an easy way to play the video, and an easy way for people in your networks to text (texting option is available in English only) for access to the video and survey.

We are always interested in knowing who is hosting virtual events like this (even if less than 100 people will take the survey). We invite you to drop us an email and share information about your effort (e.g., employees from the x department at my organization; students from x club at the technical college where I advise them; members of our senior center where I am a resident; and so on). If your group will be sizeable (over 100), we might be able to provide some support. For example, someone from FORESIGHT could possibly show up to lead a short presentation about the initiative. Send to

This helpful information appears in the short slide deck for all who reach by text (texting option is available in English only):

Could my community or organization get a high-level summary of our group’s responses?

For any interested organization or group that generates over 100 responses, we will prepare a brief report summarizing and analyzing that community’s or organization’s responses. We’ll need to get you a customized survey link to do this. If you are interested, please email us at to learn more and get this link.

Who funds FORESIGHT?

FORESIGHT is funded by 17 national and regional philanthropies from across the United States who came together to support the initiative. Here is our full list of funders, and here is who else is involved.

How is FORESIGHT reaching out to people?

FORESIGHT is inclusive of a diversity of voices in all parts of its process. For this part, we’re sharing this video and survey through FORESIGHT’s partners, supporters and friends because our partners are engaged with lots of different community leaders who can help ensure this work is as inclusive as possible.

There are two other organizations we are working with: (1) NORC, a nonpartisan polling firm, and (2) an organization called Marnita’s Table, which brings people together across difference. Marnita’s Table is helping FORESIGHT engage people all over the country through virtual conversations in ways that build community and strive to overcome barriers to online access. They will engage a diversity of people, and in particular people whose voices are not often invited into these conversations and who experience the worst health outcomes as a result of our current system. If you’re interested in exploring setting up a Marnita’s Table conversation involving people from your community or organization, please e-mail us at

What will FORESIGHT do with the survey responses?

We’ll build a national vision and bold ideas for the future based on what we hear.

FORESIGHT will combine all the input we receive and summarize the ideas and common themes to better understand what people want and need. We’ll share these themes and findings in a national gathering in late 2020 where we’ll bring together people from many different walks of life who will use the themes to develop an equitable vision and bold ideas together. People from different races and ethnicities, incomes, cultures, places, professions, and ages will attend this gathering. We’ll make the themes, and the vision and bold ideas that emerge from them, available on our website. Subscribe here to stay up-to-date about FORESIGHT and be notified when those findings are available.

*If your group is receiving a custom report, we will disclose this to your group members before they add their voices, so they know about this additional way their responses will be shared.

Why does FORESIGHT use the phrase "health and well-being?"

FORESIGHT realizes that health is created by many things, and most of it is created outside a doctor’s office. Health comes from good medical care, and also from things like personal and community wealth, safe and affordable housing, and strong social connections with friends and family. Health is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. FORESIGHT uses the phrase “health and well-being” so we can engage you in a conversation about all the things that create health, and all the different aspects of health.

FORESIGHT wants us to think about the future when there are people who need help now, today. How will FORESIGHT bring about real change?

It can seem ‘‘out there’’ to think about life in 30 years, especially when there are many people who need help today and as we’re experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. But the system we have right now makes it nearly impossible for people to be as healthy as they want to be. To change that, FORESIGHT is working to create a vision of a better future that is centered around what people want, and then start TODAY to organize, advocate, and build towards that future.

The world is changing fast. It’s time we design a future for health together.
Our work begins with FORESIGHT.