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Invite Voices

I want info and tools to invite people in my community or organization to add their voices.

FORESIGHT is an initiative to equitably envision and bring about a bold future for health and well-being. Our system for health is broken. Everyone deserves to enjoy good health and well-being, and we need a fresh vision and bold new ideas to get us there.

That’s where you come in.

FORESIGHT is listening to the voices of thousands of people across the US, asking you to watch a short video to get an idea of the issues we could face in the future, and then take a survey to share what you hope to see. Adding your voice will take about 20 minutes.

The vision and bold ideas that emerge from FORESIGHT will be based on what we hear. FORESIGHT will then help communities across the country bring them to life.

The world is changing fast. It’s time we design a future for health together.
Our work begins with FORESIGHT.